Evelyn Dunphy Watercolors and Pastels of Maine
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Collector's Comments

My wife and I love Newfoundland and Labrador and for several years owned a home in the Codroy Valley on Newfoundland's southwest coast.  We saw an article in the Bangor paper about an artist from West Bath, Maine, with a reference to paintings that she had done in Newfoundland. We were intrigued enough to call and arrange a visit to her studio. After a 4 1/2 hour drive we arrived at her home where she and her husband, Hugh, had prepared a lovely lunch where we had a chance to acquainted and talk about her trips to Newfoundland and her paintings. After lunch, we went to the studio to look at her paintings. They were lovely and captured the wild nature of Newfoundland and its rugged coast with hundreds of bays and inlets. We choose one of a bay located close to Trinity East. The painting captured the light beautifully and the bay, as a result, looked striking. The painting hangs proudly in our living room and reminds us daily of the island that means so much to us.

Rob and Pat Derry

"We enjoy hiking, skiing, and most outdoor activities. For us, Mother Nature provides inspiration and zest. Our Evelyn Dunphy painting " Autumn Radiance" reminds us in particular of past adventures and in general captures the essence of what makes Nature so beautiful for us. The painting's presence in our living room provides us with much joy ... even by simply being the subject of a casual inadvertent glance that invariably lingers."

Paula Greenlee and Steve Winter

" I am thrilled to have "The Cranberry Bog" hanging in my living room. I know this landscape so well: Katahdin, the heart and energy of the painting, rising blue/black into the clouds; the rich fall colors of the bog - red, yellow, gold, crimson - drenched with  morning light; the close and the distant landsacpe, both wild, and both so loved".
Meredith Hall

"Your Katahdin painting occupies a prime place in the most comfortable room of my house. Every time I sett le in there, I'm captivated by the vi sion in front of me of the Maine setting.  I find myself sitting in that cano e , m e smerized by the light, and moved by the power of the mountain looming over me. I'm transported nort h, and happy to be on the lake i n the shadow of Katahdin. Thank you for creating such beauty in my life!"

- Jody Sataloff, Cape Elizabeth

“ Evelyn not only beautifully depicts what she sees with light, color, and style, but her paintings elicit the feeling and emotion that she had when she created the painting. Whether it is the light shining on one object or a unique scene that captured her eye; her paintings tell a compelling story.”
- Jill and Fred Haer

We own two of Evelyn's watercolors, Tuscan Farmhouse and Summer at Camp. Though they represent scenes on different continents they both show the gift Evelyn has for evoking the spirit of a place and at the same time giving a veritable tutorial of watercolor techniques. Dozens of different greens form the foreground and background of Tuscan Farmhouse, setting the house firmly into the landscape, complementing the warm tones of the house, and at the same time forming shapes that can be enjoyed for their own sake. Summer at Camp invites you to come sit on the porch and watch the clouds change while the bacon is frying. And the clouds ARE changing in the painting--the mist is rising behind the cabin, adding a dimension of activity to the tranquil scene. Again the background and foreground trees and grasses are a multitude of shapes and tones that the viewer can wander through.

The easiest painting to write about is the large Katahdin painting that is the most visible in our house since it's located over the fireplace just waiting for a gaze and a comment. It has a funny history really since I had often walked past and and returned to it at more than one of your showings . It became a birthday gift from Diane and was warmly welcomed into the house. It has a peaceful quality that, even now, I enjoy sitting in the living room and gazing at. The tranquility of the autumn foliage with a cloud bank sitting atop the mountain easily calms the most distracted mind. Even now I sometimes find myself walking through the room and returning for one more glance before continuing on my way. A true favorite!

"Visual and emotional uniqueness and depth, a sense of unfolding positive mystery, all reward me each day when I look up from my work and am greeted by Red Dory. Though I have never met Evelyn Dunphy,I feel she has shared a part of herself in this fine work of art."

- William Sivitz, Princeton, NJ

“ I opened today’s mail to find the catalog of your beautiful Katahdin Lake watercolors. You have captured so many seasons and moods at Katahdin Lake. It is stunning.”

- Jym St. Pierre, Maine Director, RESTORE: The North Woods

“The range of the interpretation exhibited in your Katahdin series is very exhilarating. And it seems the more complete thought is “beautifully evocative”."

- Thomas Sgouros, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

“The giclée print arrived – it was such a thrill to open the tube and see the real beauty….it is absolutely gorgeous! The colors are so deep and rich. I thought it looked very nice on the computer but seeing the real thing was jut amazing. I made a great choice! I will be contacting you about another one.”

- Ann Haines, Ephrata, PA

“Baxter State Park is a very special place for the people of Maine. I wish our experiences with Katahdin were as splendid as this painting. The wonderful topography and colors of the area were obscured by drizzle, fog, and black flies; we know Evelyn probably made several trips to recreate this perfect image in watercolor."

- Deborah and Norman Stiles

"“Twister” is a risky painting. The artist needs skill, confidence and a willingness to take risks. In “Twister”, the simplicity of color choice, rich yet subtle, and the swirl reated by that waterflow of pigments makes for a dramatic landscape of mystery and mood”.

- Marty Shafer, Seattle, one of the original jurors of the National Art in the Parks competition

“If you took 100 painters to that location, only Dunphy would choose that particular point of view.”

- Katherine Chang Liu, nationally known painter and juror

“This exhibition features some of the best watercolorists in the nation.”

Publicity catalog for the Exhibition of American Watercolors at the VanVechtenberry Museum in Taos, New Mexico

“The editors of International Artist magazine would like to publish “Cloud over Mt. Fuji” in our Showcase of Master Painters of the US.”

- Jennifer King, US Editor, International Artist Magazine

"Baxter Park and Katahdin have been deeply special to me for decades. Evelyn captures perfectly the beauty and the spirit of this wondrous place!"

- Priscilla Seimer, Harpswell, Maine

“I’ve searched the internet, and your artwork, by far, best personifies the true spirit of Katahdin.”

- Elaine Richard, Standish, Maine

“I’ll always remember the collective gasp I heard at the party when the announcement was made that an original Evelyn Dunphy painting would be awarded.”

- Guest, Katahdin Lake event

“Oh my lord these paintings are so beautiful. Words cannot express. The small pics I have seen on your site do not do them justice. THEY ARE LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY.”

- Rick Dieffenbach

"A Crisp November Morning ---Katahdin Lake" captures one of the ever changing moods of the Katahdin massif from the same site which challenged, and inspired in all seasons, earlier artists, including Marsden Hartley and James Fitzgerald.”

- Dr. Robert Gonyea, Georgetown, Maine

“We are thrilled with our print; we noticed how different it looks at different time of the day with the changing light. At night, when the light in the living room came on, the mountain and its reflections just leaped out at us.”

- Victoria and John Smith, Brunswick, Maine

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures”. – Henry Ward Beecher. I came across this quote and instantly thought of you and your Katahdin paintings. Katahdin will be forever a part of Evelyn Dunphy’s soul (for what you have taken away from it), and Evelyn Dunphy will forever be a part of the mountain’s soul, (for what you have given through your soul onto paper). Paint on…”

- Darcy Dutton