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2015 Watercolor Workshops with Evelyn Dunphy, Maine Artist

2017 Small Group Workshops - 8-12 students

To receive workshop details, travel information and to register please contact Evelyn Dunphy at artist@evelyndunphy.com or call 207-443-5045.

West Bath, Maine - June 19 - 23, Antonio Masi Watercolor Workshop. Contact Evelyn at artist@evelyndunphy.com to sign up. Limited to 20 students.

Ireland   - May 20 - 27th – at Anam Cara , a writers and artists retreat - http://www.anamcararetreat.com/ on the beautiful unspoiled Beara Peninsula. Plein air and studio work; plus an evening with an Irish story teller, traditional music and a tour of the peninsula.

August 24 - 27:      "In the Footsteps of Frederic Church" at his Camp on Millinocket Lake, Maine. Stunning views of Mt. Katahdin, an unforgettable experience in an historic setting. "This was a superb workshop in a superb location; I shall return" - a student's comment.

Bruges, Belgium - September 6-13th     http://www.frenchescapade.com/

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To receive workshop details, travel information and to register please contact Evelyn Dunphy at artist@evelyndunphy.com or call 207-443-5045.

I'm so glad that you are looking at my schedule of workshops for this year. I am very happy to be teaching in these beautiful places. There's quite a range of locale! Something for every taste as you will see when you read the descriptions at the bottom of this page.

I would like to tell you a little about how I organize the days in my workshops. First of all, I am available to my students from sunup to bedtime - I enjoy the painting time, the conversations, all of the interactions with people who come from far and wide to study with me.

I like to do things a little differently. I always do a demonstration, but not always first thing in the morning. This is when we are at our most creative, the light is generally most beautiful and I always got a bit restless standing around watching an instructor paint when I really wanted to get at my own work!

For this reason, I decide what I think will be best for the class on the morning of each day as we begin. We spend time together the afternoon or evening before talking over how you might begin our painting, ways to simplify the complexity of the landscape or interior, compose a strong design, plan your palette for the painting, chose a dominate color and all of the many possibilities that exist. It is necessary to make good decisions about all of this, and get it organized in such a way that you know just where to start and how to proceed.

And, to make this happen for you, during the day I like to do small demonstrations to illustrate any particular problems that you may be trying to figure out. The "big" demonstrations are very informative, and I also have found that addressing the personal questions that come up for you is equally important. So if you are struggling with how to come up with a way to paint a particular area of the scene, or if the values just aren't working - you know how many things can stop us in our tracks - I like to do a small demo of that and anyone who shares the same question may watch. If you don't need that particular lesson, you just keep on painting until something comes up that you need help with.

I am sure that this has been one of the reasons why the evaluations from students in my workshops has been so positive. I've included two that were especially gratifying to me. My desire is to see you grow in your ability to express your own esthetic in your work and fully develop your own "style". Increasing your ability to use watercolor to its fullest is my personal goal. It's also my own continual search. "To be a good teacher, one must be a perpetual student".

Each workshop location provides wonderful spaces for the "critique" period. This sometimes sounds ominous; oh no, she's going to "criticize" my painting! Quite the contrary. I believe that a constructive critique is enormously valuable. I use this time as a great opportunity for conversation about what we've done during the day, what worked and what presented a problem, and how we may approach our work with new ideas the next day.

Please contact me with any questions you have about the workshops.  I am looking forward to being with you in the place that most appeals to you, and I promise a workshop that will send you home with a whole new vocabulary for "elling your visual story.

Students comments:

"Evelyn Dunphy was available with valuable suggestions and help throughout each day during her workshop at Anam Cara. She genuinely enjoys teaching, cares about the student's work and compared to other workshops teachers, far more available with creative, thoughtful suggestions Her years of experience and love of the art of watercolor is well communicated". Mary  Cole ho, Cambridge, MA

"You know, the best teacher is not one who fills their pupils with 'technique' and knowledge about the subject generally but rather one who, by their own example, fills them with enthusiasm for mastering the field. By that criterion, Madame, you are indeed a splendid teacher, and I am confident that all your pupils, not just those from our workshops, would endorse that sentiment"! Cary Risley, Nova Scotia workshop.

"I am just now realizing how much I learned from you during the workshop. Things that I thought I knew, but really did not understand came to life for me, and my work shows it".

"If you want a workshop with a talented, dedicated teacher who is also a beautiful painter, sign up with Evelyn Dunphy. She is the best".

And now, "O the places we can go!"