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Evelyn's online workshops
with French Escape are available at

Virtual Interactive Escapade Workshops
Evelyn is on sabbatical from teaching in order to focus on her own work. 

Online Tutorials

with Evelyn


Visit French Escapade Online Workshops for information and to register for the workshop. 

I'm thrilled to have my work rocket to the moon with SpaceX and NASA.


Thanks to Graeme Stevenson

& Colour in Your Life 


Click HERE to Watch Story

Image 2-19-22 at 5.28 AM.jpeg

Colour In Your Life Art Video

We've gone live!

Couldn't be more excited to share this art video that was done in my studio that shows me painting an early morning interpretation of our iconic mountain, Katahdin.The video was done by the Australian TV company, "Colour in Your Life". CIYL is broadcast to millions of people on TV stations and online networks around the world.

"Seek those who fan your flame."  ~ Rumi

"Evelyn not only beautifully depicts what she sees with light, color, and style, but her paintings elicit the feeling and emotion that she had when she created the painting.  Whether it the light shining on one object or a unique scene that captured her eye, her paintings tell a compelling story."  - Collector

On location, teaching workshops, and in her element

"Visual and emotional uniqueness and depth, a sense of unfolding positive mystery, all reward me each day when I look up from my work and am greeted by Red Dory. Though I have never met Evelyn Dunphy,I feel she has shared a part of herself in this fine work of art."

- William Sivitz, Princeton, NJ 

“The editors of International Artist magazine would like to publish “Cloud over Mt. Fuji” in our Showcase of Master Painters of the US.”

- Jennifer King, US Editor, International Artist Magazine

“If you took 100 painters to that location, only Dunphy would choose that particular point of view.”

- Katherine Chang Liu, nationally known painter and juror

Evelyn Dunphy painting on site at the Frederic Church Camps, Millinocket Lake, Maine

Group Workshop at the Frederic Church Camps, Millinocket, Maine

“ I opened today’s mail to find the catalog of your beautiful Katahdin Lake watercolors. You have captured so many seasons and moods at Katahdin Lake. It is stunning.”

- Jym St. Pierre, Maine Director, RESTORE: The North Woods

Painting at hospital St Remy-de-Provence, France,

remembering Van Gogh

"Paddling the East Branch, Penobscot River; on the new Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument Land

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