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The goal of Evelyn Dunphy's workshops is to share her painting knowledge and experience with each student in the way that will best help them to further their own personal development. As a result, she has become a sought-after teacher with waiting lists for her studio classes and workshops in Maine, Ireland, Europe, Cuba, California, and Nova Scotia, Canada.

V.I.E.W. Virtual Interactive Escapade Workshop

Paint Live from your home with Evelyn and fellow artists.  Presenting you unique interactive live online painting workshops where you can paint along and get feedback from the comfort of your home.


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Coastal Maine

Havana, Cuba

Costa Brava, Spain

Provence, France

Tuscany, Italy

Bruges, Belgium

Corrales, New Mexico

Anam Cara, Beara Peninsula, Ireland

Kejimikujik National Park, Nova Scotia

Rhadora, Frederick Church Camps, Millinocket, Maine

Olana, Hudson, New York (Frederic Church home on the Hudson River)


Evelyn Dunphy is one of those unique artists who can effectively convey her years of knowledge and experience to her students. She takes the fear out of learning watercolor!

- E. O’Connor, Ohio

We had a wonderful time -- such a confluence of gracious and generous hosts, excellent instruction, and a time and place that cannot fail to inspire. I learned so much that I'm already looking at another workshop with you. 

- R. Colon, NH

"I must tell you how valuable this workshop has been to me. I now understand the qualities of pigments, values and temperature and what their variations can bring to a painting. I also had a gestalt with regard to osmosis and the use of watercolor. I also want you to know that I appreciate the passion that you bring to your work and to your teaching. It is really a joy to be one of your students." - Thanks, Ruth.

"Overlooking Gordes, Painting in Provence with French Escapade"

"The individual attention you get in a class with Evelyn is not only something rare, I had never found it in a class before. She makes you feel like you're the only one in the room when she is teaching you or answering your questions and then she revels with you as you learn to fly on your own. It is also a joy, (as you can see when you lay eyes on any of her own work) to watch her paint. She paints briefly in class, in order to demonstrate certain techniques. This was most helpful to me as I am a visual learner and although it's been several months since my classes in Ireland, I can still see her demonstrations and paintings in my minds eye. Be ready to work hard at what you love, because no one works harder than Evelyn. The example she sets continues to inspire long after her classes are over!"

- Lori J. McKenna

"For years I thought watercolor was a faded, pastel color medium. I like to paint in a bright, jewel toned pallet and Evelyn not only taught me that it was possible in water color, but how to make the colors dance and shine with shadow and value. The results are exactly what I'd wished for and far exceeded my expectations of watercolor."

"Painting at Hospital St-Remy-de-Provence  -  Remembering Van Gogh"

"Evelyn enthusiastically gave me confidence to experiment with new techniques - so appreciated the individual attention I received in her class".

I have taken several workshops with Evelyn in Nova Scotia, New Mexico, and Tuscany.  She has become one of my mentors because she opens her heart and generously shares all she has learned throughout the years she has been painting.  She offered me ideas and support that were tailored to my needs at the time.  Evelyn is one of those rare artists who knows how to teach.  Her workshops are thoroughly planned to ensure her students will benefit from every moment of the experience.  Unlike some painters with whom I’ve taken workshops, Evelyn makes sure to work individually with each participant during her workshops; she provides sound suggestions for improvement laced with much needed encouragement.  Students leave one of Evelyn’s workshops with a wealth of information and the impetus to keep asking “what if” when they begin to apply the new techniques they’ve learned.  Questions posed in e-mails are promptly and thoughtfully answered.  Additionally, her blog offers insights into the process of creating a painting and the trepidation that most artists feel when they face the blank canvas to work on a new inspiration.  In brief, Evelyn Dunphy is deserving of this award for mentorship because she embraces all the best qualities of a teacher and painter, warmly helping other artists on their path.  - Karen Vierneisel

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