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"I invite you to accompany me to the places that I love to paint. The beauty, wildness, and haunting solitude of the north woods and lakes, Maine's sacred mountain, "Katahdin", and paintings of the Maine seacoast are captured in luminous watercolor and watermedia. My work shows familiar views of Maine in a new context.  The north always claims my attention; sea and sky, the dappled light of the woods, and the myriad of colors in the speckled granite along the shore."

The goal of Evelyn Dunphy's workshops is to share her painting knowledge and experience with each student in the way that will best help them to further their own personal development. As a result, she has become a sought-after teacher with waiting lists for her studio classes and workshops in Maine, Ireland, Europe, Cuba, California, and Nova Scotia, Canada.

MAINE  - Date to be announced 


Please see full description below


MAINE - Date to be announced

5 Day INTERMEDIATE WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP Follow up to the Introduction to Watercolor Workshop for artists who have a basic understanding of the use of watercolor. This intermediate workshop will expand on the fundamentals and introduce more advanced watercolor techniques.  

The West Bath Seaside Grange Hall 75 New Meadows Road, West Bath, Maine 


Hello and thank you for considering attending my workshop. My goal for this workshop is to make it “the one I wish I had had” when I started painting in watercolor. 

What makes the difference between a pale, ineffectual watercolor and one with dynamic color? 

What makes it a painting that draws the viewer’s attention because of its impact – it could be due to subject matter/ the chosen palette of colors, the strong contrasts/great composition/mystery/a personal interpretation – all or one of these before the question of what medium it is even comes up. 

Our four day intensive workshop is going to be devoted to exploring ways of using watercolor. The goal is to give you a working “vocabulary” of tools so that you are able to express your own personal esthetic. 
The important thing to keep in mind is that like a musician, you are doing your scales, you are not producing a masterpiece. You are learning and practicing, so concentrate on trying to understand what you are seeing and applying what you see. 

As we go through the exercises and demonstrations, I will be talking about the characteristics of each pigment, whether they are transparent, semitransparent, opaque, staining. I’ve printed out a list of the pigments that are on my materials list and will give it to you along with lots of other material during the workshop. Most manufacturers give this information about each pigment on their website descriptions.   I will also be emphasizing the temperature of the pigments and the mixtures that we make. The color wheel is an invaluable tool for you when you are first learning about this. We will go into this in depth as we go along. 
We will also talk about intensity, or the saturation of a pigment as we use it. Each pigment has an inherent value as it comes out of the tube. It’s important to know this in order to make good choices when deciding what to mix in order to get a specific color and value. 

Knowing the correct ratio of pigment and water for the subject area is really the key to successful watercolor painting. Mixing enough pigment and water so that you have the color and value that is required, and YOU GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! 

We will also focus on having you: a. Acquire a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of each pigment on our palette. Is it transparent, semi-transparent, opaque, staining, sedimentary? 
b. Learn what combinations of pigments create the colors that you want for your painting. If your subject requires a soft, neutral mauve you could mix cerulean blue and cadmium red – but if you want a violet that is brilliant, you will reach for high intensity, transparent colors. 
c. Using your brush in such a way that you create a beautiful surface. Different concepts call for variation in brush strokes, different brushes, positioning, and sensitivity. 

Over-mixing and Under mixing – two common problems when first learning watercolor. Over mixing: “a little of this and a little of that, and hope for good luck. Can result in “mud”. Under mixing: “caused by not looking at the subject. Automatically painting a blue sky when it may actually contain some pink or violet. Green grass may really be ochre or gray.  Knowing the characteristics of your pigments means that you will have much more success in your paintings than “let’s just try this and see if it works” school of thought. 

We will work with many combinations of pigments so that you can observe the results that you get when you choose various pigments and combine them with others. We will also speak in terms of the relative temperature and value of each pigment. 

I hope you’ll decide to join me in the fascinating exploration of the world of watercolor! Even if you’ve been painting for some time, it can be valuable to have an in-depth review of the fundamental techniques of the medium. 

Please bring your lunch. Coffee and treats will be provided in the morning and afternoon. A supply list will be sent as soon as you register.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing you! 


Please email Evelyn at or call 207-449-7057 if you have any questions.



"Evelyn is the most informative, creative, sharing workshop leaders one could ever find" - a student comment from her August plein air workshop at Frederic Church's camp on Millinocket Lake in Maine.

July 8- 12, 2019



Join me for a week of painting on Maine’s beautiful coast. We will paint on private property, all by ourselves, away from the popular tourist places. This property has a lovely quiet cove, shady forested glens, and open views of the water. It’s a combination of many of the subjects that we love to paint in Maine. 

This workshop is limited to ten students. We will meet the first morning at a designated location and drive to the painting location. After that, it will be easy for you to find your way. Everyone will bring a picnic lunch. Suggestions for good places to pick up your lunch will be provided. 
This workshop is designed to increase your ability to simplify the complications of nature, and create strong compositions. Lots of one on one instruction and demonstrations all day long!  

There’s nothing so satisfying as being out in the gorgeous scenery of rocks, trees and water, putting paint on paper, seeing the flow of color, and being happy with the result. Plein air painting opens your eyes to the true colors in nature, especially in the shadows. Learning to see and discerning the varieties of texture and values gives you the experience to paint in the studio, and from photographs, with assurance and competence. 

I emphasize confidence with mixing colors, using warm and cool temperature to create the mood of the painting. Composition is key, and value is the magic tool that makes our paintings powerful. My goal is to help you realize your own potential; to be better able to express your personal esthetic, rather than to paint like me! 

In the event of rain, we will paint indoors, with intensive instruction on the subjects that have been painted out of doors. 


Please email Evelyn at or call 207-449-7057 if you have questions. 

"I am just beginning to appreciate what I learned from you in the workshop. Things that I thought I knew but did not really understand are coming to life for me, and my work shows it".  - A student in a workshop in Nova Scotia.

August 15 - 18, 2019 


Plein Air Workshop at Rhodora, the Frederic Church Camps, Millinocket, Maine

Join us in this historic series of painting workshops. Stunning views of Katahdin, comfortable rustic camps, small groups with lots of individual attention. It's an unforgettable experience in a historic setting. You can imagine how happy I am to be the first artist invited to teach workshops here. This is my 10th year and it just gets better and better! Our groups were the first gatherings of painters at the camps since they were purchased from the last Church heir fifty years ago. We have made history! The views from the camp are spectacular. You may choose different vantage points all within 200 feet of the large porch on the back of the main camp. This year I am planning a day trip for painting in Baxter State Park which is a few miles away. We’ll take picnic lunches and show you some new and beautiful views of our majestic Katahdin.  My goal for the workshop is to provide you with the instruction, coaching, exchange of ideas and demonstrations to enable you to take your painting skills to new levels. My demonstrations will be in watercolor; other mediums are very welcome. All program participants should arrive by 12:00 noon at the designated meeting place in Millinocket. Details will be provided after registration.




Please email Evelyn at or call 207-449-7057 if you have questions. 

I have taken several workshops with Evelyn in Nova Scotia, New Mexico, and Tuscany.  She has become one of my mentors because she opens her heart and generously shares all she has learned throughout the years she has been painting.  She offered me ideas and support that were tailored to my needs at the time.  Evelyn is one of those rare artists who knows how to teach.  Her workshops are thoroughly planned to ensure her students will benefit from every moment of the experience.  Unlike some painters with whom I’ve taken workshops, Evelyn makes sure to work individually with each participant during her workshops; she provides sound suggestions for improvement laced with much needed encouragement.  Students leave one of Evelyn’s workshops with a wealth of information and the impetus to keep asking “what if” when they begin to apply the new techniques they’ve learned.  Questions posed in e-mails are promptly and thoughtfully answered.  Additionally, her blog offers insights into the process of creating a painting and the trepidation that most artists feel when they face the blank canvas to work on a new inspiration.  In brief, Evelyn Dunphy is deserving of this award for mentorship because she embraces all the best qualities of a teacher and painter, warmly helping other artists on their path.

- Karen Vierneisel

May 23 - 30th, 2020

Anam Cara on the Beara Peninsula, Ireland

Anam Cara is a unique and very special place. We would like people to know that they are coming on retreat, meaning coming away from the dailiness of their lives, to this quiet, beautiful part of Ireland to become part of a creative workshop group to learn and find inspiration for their art as well as to become part of a small, rural, Irish community.

Join us as we experience the haunting beauty that surrounds Anam Cara. The lengthening spring days offer plein-air opportunities in the colorful village of Eyeries, the nearby strand and mountains. Evelyn will lead us in painting the wild, rugged coastal views of this ancient landscape. Brightly colored cottages wind their way down the lane and the misty Killarney Hills overlooking Coulagh Bay reveal themselves in the ever-changing light - it's an artists' paradise.

Each day will include demonstrations of elements of landscape painting with lots of personal instruction. "Develop your ability to look at the complexity of the scene in front of you, and focus your vision so as to design a good painting that speaks of the essence of the scene, rather than merely reporting the things in it".


In this workshop you will learn how to judge the ratio of pigment and water in order to get the desired color and value the first time, combine pigments for glowing, transparent mixtures, use your brush most effectively, and begin to "name the thing you are attempting to do. Naming it makes it possible to do it."


So bring your paints and your creative, open mind to this beautiful place and enjoy the best of all worlds: quiet time, great companions, wonderful home-cooked meals in a happy and invigorating environment with not a thing on your mind except your painting.

Note: This workshop is open to all skill levels. Beginners will be guided through the process of using watercolor successfully and experienced painters will be challenged to move out of their "comfort zone" and achieve greater mastery of the medium. "I do believe that passion drives technique. If you really want to paint something, you will discover how to do it". Demonstrations will be in watercolor, other odorless media are welcome.




"Evelyn offers the perfect balance of demonstrations and personal painting time. She gives a solid base of educational techniques and then helps each student apply them to their own work. She is completely dedicated to her students and is available to them all day every day."

May 18 -25th, 2019

At Anam Cara in the village of Eyeries - “The Beara of Glad Tidings” , Ireland’s other great peninsula on the south west coast. There’s no place quite like it on the Wild Atlantic Way.


Contact Evelyn at



August 28 - Sept 4, 2019

Watercolor Painting Workshop in the French Alps


Each day will include demonstrations of elements of landscape painting with lots of personal instruction.

“Develop your ability to look at the complexity of the scene in front of you, and focus your vision so that you can design a good painting that speaks of the essence of the scene, rather than merely reporting the things in it. Every painting should have a concept, and your composition, colors and techniques must work towards bringing your concept to life.”

The goal of Evelyn’s workshops is to share her painting knowledge and experience with each student in the way that will best help them to further their own personal development.

In this workshop you will learn how to judge the ratio of pigment and water in order to get the desired color and value the first time, combine pigments for glowing, transparent mixtures, use your brush most effectively, and begin to “name the thing you are attempting to do. Naming it makes it possible to do it.”

Evelyn is a sought-after teacher with waiting lists for her studio classes and workshops.

Contact French Escapade for Sign Up and further information:

Please email Evelyn at or call 207-449-7057 if you have questions. 

September 16 - 20th, 2019


Evelyn Dunphy Studio welcomes our

2019 Guest Artist American Master, Mario Robinson

"Portraits in Watercolor"  - Limited to 20 students

West Bath Seaside Grange

75 New Meadows Road, West Bath, Maine

ater Colour National Juried Exhibition. 

To see Mario's work, please visit his website:

Please Share with Your Artist Friends

You may send an email to Evelyn at to register for this workshop. 


A list of hotels, B&Bs and Airbnbs is available for those of you who are coming from out of town. Let me know and I will send it along to you.


Evelyn Dunphy Studio

596 Fosters Point Road

West Bath, ME 04530


207-443-5045 (home)

207-449-7057 (cell) Please leave a message if there is no answer on either line. I am often in a place with little or no cell service, but I will call you back promptly.


"Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames"....rumi

Please email Evelyn at or call 207-449-7057 if you have questions. 


"Overlooking Gordes, Painting in Provence with French Escapade"

Evelyn Dunphy is one of those unique artists who can effectively convey her years of knowledge and experience to her students. She takes the fear out of learning watercolor! - E. O’Connor, Ohio

We had a wonderful time -- such a confluence of gracious and generous hosts, excellent instruction, and a time and place that cannot fail to inspire. I learned so much that I'm already looking at another workshop with you. 

 - R. Colon, NH


"I must tell you how valuable this workshop has been to me. I now understand the qualities of pigments, values and temperature and what their variations can bring to a painting. I also had a gestalt with regard to osmosis and the use of watercolor. I also want you to know that I appreciate the passion that you bring to your work and to your teaching. It is really a joy to be one of your students." - Thanks, Ruth.

"The individual attention you get in a class with Evelyn is not only something rare, I had never found it in a class before. She makes you feel like you're the only one in the room when she is teaching you or answering your questions and then she revels with you as you learn to fly on your own. It is also a joy, (as you can see when you lay eyes on any of her own work) to watch her paint. She paints briefly in class, in order to demonstrate certain techniques. This was most helpful to me as I am a visual learner and although it's been several months since my classes in Ireland, I can still see her demonstrations and paintings in my minds eye. Be ready to work hard at what you love, because no one works harder than Evelyn. The example she sets continues to inspire long after her classes are over!"


Lori J. McKenna

"Painting at Hospital St-Remy-de-Provence  -  Remembering Van Gogh"

"Evelyn enthusiastically gave me confidence to experiment with new techniques - so appreciated the individual attention I received in her class".

"For years I thought watercolor was a faded, pastel color medium. I like to paint in a bright, jewel toned pallet and Evelyn not only taught me that it was possible in water color, but how to make the colors dance and shine with shadow and value. The results are exactly what I'd wished for and far exceeded my expectations of watercolor."

"It was the most fabulous and most perfect workshop!  What a fantastic group of industrious artists who actually painted all day!  The instructor is the ultimate! and Jackie is efficient perfection!  Yes, I will be along on more painting workshops!"             

- D. Peters, Texas

French Escapade Workshop

at Calella de Palfrugell, Spain

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