Imagine being called "First Lady of Katahdin"

StartFragmentI was taken aback the other day when my email served up a link to a post about me written by community builder/business strategist, Keith Spiro. I know Keith quite well. He has been a supportive fan of my work since we first met at a workshop that he gave for the Maine Commission on the Arts. Keith made the trip to Rhodora, Frederic Church's camp on Millinocket Lake where I was teaching a workshop painting Katahdin with me a few years ago, where he got a first hand taste of what I've been doing the past many years. You can read his full post on First Lady of Katahdin. I was very touched by Keith's kind words, and I invited him to visit my watercolor studio. During our conversation that afternoon, he asked if I would answer one question. (We did this without scripting). He asked what Katahdin means to me, and you can hear my answer in this video.EndFragment

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