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My Wilderness Camp

From my second year of painting, I've gone to Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps. It's a 3.3 miles hike from the trail head to the camps. The view of Katahdin from the shore is un paralleled; and often there is a mirror image of the mountain in the lake.

This time I was tour leader for a group of hikers who had signed up with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Symposium that was held at Colby College here in Maine. We also had a hike leader which was great - the heat, balancing over long distances of one split log-wide "board walks", and the up and down parts of the trail can be taxing if one is not accustomed to it.

A great time; canoeing, kayaking, swimming, a terrific dinner produced by Holly Hamilton and her crew - we slept like babies that night! I thought I'd include a couple of photos.

Katahdin from Katahdin Lake - photo courtesy of Holly Hamilton

My Little Cabin - "Traveller"

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