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! asked for feedback and I got it!

In my email last week, I talked about my dreams and goal for 2018. It's to spend a lot of time painting, and have those paintings "fly out of the studio". I asked everyone to send me their thoughts on how I might best make that happen, and it's been so great to read the comments that continue to come in. I also promised to send a small giclee print to everyone who made a suggestion, and I have done that. Here is a photo from someone who put it up even though she doesn't have the "proper" mat for it yet!

I was so touched to read this message from a dear friend: "Evelyn, this letter is so heartfelt and inclusive! I think people will fee that they are really getting a glimpse of your inner life and what it's like to be an artist."

I think this time of year inspires many of us to evaluate what we are doing, and how we may go forward. I love this. It also makes me see just how fortunate I am in having this career of teaching and painting. It's a fantasy life to me......even as I navigate the business end of it.

I'd love to hear from you about YOUR dream and goals for the new year. Send me a note at I always reply!

Wishing you a golden new year, filled with blessings you have not yet dreamed of.


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