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Is it done?

Mountains of words have been written telling artists to "stop before you put down that last stroke", or "stop before you overwork it, (how do you tell when that point has arrived!!) So often, I hear students say, "I don't want to do any thing else. I'm afraid I'll ruin it".

Here's an example of a painting that was "finished" and framed. It had been carefully composed and executed; my desire was to create the delicate peach colored petals of my hollyhocks and the soft warm greens of the leaves around them.

Every time I looked at this painting, I thought "I am taking that out of the frame

and re-painting it". Finally, I did.

Here is the result so far.

I think I might still create a few soft shapes at the upper left, with negative painting.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your comments!

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