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Today's blessing

As I was searching for a file on my computer, I discovered this note that I had written two years ago, before I did the painting of the oysters. It brought tears to my eyes, and I am daring to share it with you this morning.

"The blessings of the day. A family member went in to the biopsy scared, came out smiling. It had not been as bad as he expected. Peter brought down his beautiful oysters, opened then for me. They looked wonderful on the plate in the studio. The students did lovely studies. Mine was okay, too. The picture of them on Mum’s wedding present cake plate is worthy of a painting. I would love to do one – and maybe I will. Try to remember the blessings. Suzy had a candle burning today for us. The girls wrote. Today is enough. Pray for a dreamless sleep".

Here is the painting that I did sometime later. It just won the Edgar Whitney award for Watercolor at the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club which will be at the National Arts Club in New York.

Oysters on My Mum's Plate

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