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Wanted.....a Red painting!

Out of the blue (smile.....!),

I suddenly thought "I want a red painting"! Yes, Valentine's Day is coming, but that came to mind after the fact. For some reason, it just popped into my head. Perhaps it's all the snow we have been seeing!

So I have just came back from the store with a bouquet of red roses. I must confess that I have never painted a red rose. White ones, yellow ones, pink ones......but never red.

According to Johannes Itten in my favorite book of all, "The Art of Color", passionate physical love glows forth in red-orange; blue-red purple connotes spiritual love. A red may be modified to give a particular expression, and so I wonder what reds might be used to paint a red rose?

And - what other subject could I find for my red painting? Do you have a suggestion?

Red can vary between cold and warm, dull and clear, light and dark, without losing its character of redness.

I have quite a number of reds in my paint box. I'm very curious to find what I may discover in this "red experiment".

I'll be back soon to tell you how it is going. Hope you are enjoying life today.



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