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What Do YOU Want in 2018?

Evelyn Dunphy

Artist, Activist, Educator

my words for the year

What Do People Want to See in 2018? Images of "Silence and Solitude".

This is the headline of an article by Adobe Stock, a company which reports on culture world-wide.

"As we begin a new year, we're focusing on the importance of renewal and reflection. In our world of overwhelming and constant digital input, research suggests that silence is one of the least-appreciated productivity tools.

But the incessant buzz of the everyday is only intensifying our desire for peace an

d solitude. To consider how this trend is impacting the visual landscape, we'll explore images that answer our longing for quiet and contemplation, and we'll talk to artists who draw creative inspiration from solitude".


You can imagine that I am quite thrilled to hear this, since it has been apparent since the beginning of my painting career, that those are the very things that speak most clearly to me. In 2001, the year that I resigned from my position with a neurological equipment manufacturer to paint full time, I was invited to send ten paintings to an exhibition to commemorate September 11th. They wanted images of peace and tranquillity. I was a little unnerved to realize that all I needed to do was pick my ten favorites, as they all fit the requirement.

Occasionally, I have bemoaned the fact that my work is not "cutting edge". However, now I am thinking "Well, hurray! Maybe I am, after all!" Or, most likely, it is better just to be oneself.

Dawn Light on Katahdin

22 x 30" image size

This painting expresses the emotion of early morning, when the world seemed to have stopped in a perfect moment of stillness. The sun is not yet over the trees behind me, but the sky is lighted by its glow. There is a perfect mirror reflection in the water.

To inquire about this painting, or others, please call Evelyn at 207-449-7057, or send an email to

Evelyn Dunphy | 207-449-7057| |


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