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Art and Hunger

"Food insecurity". Really? Could we just speak plainly and call it what it is?

Something happened to me at the Farmer's Market the other day. I met a friend who teaches in an elementary school in another part of the state, and as we were catching up, she thanked me for what I had done to support the Backpack children's hunger program, through donating a portion of sales during my art exhibits. I was struck with remorse because I have done nothing recently. Now I can't get it out of my head.

I am really upset. We have substituted "food insecurity" for "hungry children" - the euphemisms have taken the pain and true cost out of our consciousness.

I went online and asked "What does it really feel like to experience hunger?"

  • headache.

  • stomach grumbling

  • light-headedness

  • shakiness

  • fatigue

  • irritability, easily agitated.

  • inability to focus

  • nausea

Imagine your little ones or your grandchildren going to school feeling like this. And then coming home to empty shelves and nothing in the refrigerator.

I've decided what I can do. I am sure most of you know that painting is not my hobby. I'm a full time professional artist, in the very same way that you are working full time in your profession. So what I want to do means something, but I can't do it alone.

I am writing this email to you and everyone on my entire mailing list to tell you that between today, March 10 through March 24, 50% of the sale of every painting on my website is going to be donated to a children's hunger program.

In our part of Maine, it will be the Mid-Coast Hunger Backpack program,which I have supported in the past with donations from exhibits. If you live in other places, the money will be sent to a children's hunger program that you specify, and it is a tax deductible expense for you in so far as the law allows. Please read this to see how it will work. There is information on how the donation will be made, your tax deduction, shipping cost if any, etc.

Starting today, through March 24th, your purchase of a painting will result in 50% of the price being donated to a children's hunger program in your area, tax-deductible for you in so far as the law allows.

My hope is that owning an original painting or a giclee print will bring you so much pleasure, and that it will be magnified many times over by the knowledge that in making the purchase, you have made a profound difference in a child's life.

"Shadrach's Daughter"

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for responding to this great need.

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