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Friends of Baxter State Park Members Profile

Evelyn has been a member of Friends since 2006. Over the years, Evelyn has generously used her passion and talent for the benefit of the Park. In 2006 she led a group of artists in a fundraising effort to help add the 4,600 acres around Katahdin Lake to Baxter State Park. Together these artists raised more than $27,000 by producing art of the views from the lake, which they sold in an auction. Evelyn also donated several more of her own paintings to that effort. In 2009, Evelyn became the first “Artist in Residence” at Baxter State Park, a program that hosts an artist in the Park for two weeks each year. As part of that program, she taught painting to our first class of Maine Youth Wilderness Leadership Program participants. On the banks of “artist beach” on Katahdin Lake, she forged bonds with some of those students that have lasted nearly a decade.

People appreciate Evelyn’s artwork for many reasons, including her subject matter and masterful skill. However, for many, the work speaks directly to their heart about a place they cherish. Over the years she has learned that each painting “takes on a life of its own” as it leaves her studio destined to become a meaningful reminder of someone else’s experience. This past fall, Evelyn led several tours of a special Marsden Hartley exhibit at the Colby College Museum of Art for Friends members. Her gregarious nature and extensive knowledge of Hartley’s personal history and experience in the Katahdin region made the event especially fun and informative.

Recently, Evelyn also donated the painting "Katahdin Sentinel" for Friends to present to retiring Park Director Jensen Bissell, in gratitude for his service to the Park (see cover of newsletter). While reflecting on all the time she has spent in the Park hiking, camping and painting, she exclaims, “ I owe so much to that mountain!” (Katahdin). Through all her activities and her membership in Friends, she has certainly demonstrated that appreciation. Thank you Evelyn for your support, talent, and contributions - your membership matters!


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