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The "Beara of Good Tidings" - Watercolor in Ireland - September 8 - 15, 2018

After several years of going to Anam Cara on the "undiscovered peninsula" of Ireland in the spring, I have planned an autumn workshop for 2018. Having seen the gorgeous photographs of the fields, hedges and mountain sides in the fall, I am very excited to see this for myself. I know it will give us the most beautiful subjects for our paintings.

Skies Over Coulagh Bay

Plein Air Demonstration June 2017

My dream is that your time with me at Anam Cara be a true experience of time spent in a small Irish village - more than just a "workshop". As part of this dream, you will enjoy a driving tour of the Beara. One would think that after you have done this once, you would not feel the need to go again. I can assure you that although next year will be my 10th tour, I look forward to it even more every year. Even a week's difference in time means a very different landscape. You have to go over Healey Pass in order to believe it. Not to mention the other places that we see, and stop to explore.

If you think you would like to join me next September, please just let me know! Full description of the workshop is on my website:

"This workshop is designed to enable you to approach plein air painting with confidence. From making a good composition to choosing values and colors, you will be rewarded with a painting that is evocative, tells the story, and is a beautiful memory of Ireland.

The glorious light of the Beara Peninsula is an artist's paradise. If it happens to rain, we work in the conservatory at Anam Cara. This gives us a chance to expand on the field work, which is so valuable.

Please send me an email if you would like to find out more about this workshop. There are two spaces available.

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