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We're Going to the French Alps with French Escapade, and You're Invited!

I am delighted to tell you that once again I will be teaching a workshop with Jackie Grandchamps and Valerie Sans of French Escapade. We've gone to spectacular places in the past few years, and September of 2019 is another jewel in our itinerary!

This is a small group workshop that guarantees personal attention and a supportive, caring environment in which to focus on your painting.

As an instructor, my biggest concern is that everyone who comes on a workshop trip with me is assured of the best possible experience, from the moment we meet until the group flies away from our workshop location. My experience of working with Jackie means that I can assure you that she is the best tour guide, ever!

And my intention for your painting experience while you are with me is that you will have the most wonderful, productive week of your life, and go home inspired, encouraged, and filled with new ideas for your paintings. I am sharing Jackie's review of the workshops I have taught with her, because it is such a strong affirmation of my intention, and everything I strive to do when teaching.

"Not every great artist is great teacher. Evelyn is one of my best teachers. I will say she is top 2 (I have 20 teachers). She is a very popular teacher and she spends a lot of time with each person. She keeps going from one person to the next to help and only stops when everyone has finished for the day. She doesn't stop at 5pm like some others do. She keeps going till the last person is done for the day".Jacke Grandchamps, owner - French Escapade.

It's one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of my life to spend time with you, an artist who is passionate about your work, and enthusiastically embraces everything that I am able to share with you. I promise you that your success is my success, and my goal.

Read all about the workshop here, and you can sign up on the site, too.

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