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From Our Mountain to Yours

I love the idea that art builds bridges between people. I had the experience of a company who was planning a business trip to Japan, visiting factories, and meeting with the heads of teh companies. They approached me with the idea of purchasing several original paintings of Mt. Katahdin, and presenting them to the CEO's of the companies as a gesture of good will.

Presenting a gift of original art to recognize service, or to reward someone for a job well done is an excellent way of honoring both the recipient and the artist. That philosophy supports artists in our state in the same way that we are encouraged to purchase food from local sources to support farmers! And what a compliment to someone to know that their employer and/or colleagues recognizes them as a person who appreciates art, and acknowledges this with an original painting, or a gift certificate for a purchase.

People have often commented that this painting of Katahdin, our iconic mountain in Maine, has a very "Japanese feeling" to it. After visiting Japan, and climbing Mt. Fuji, I have an even deeper appreciation for the wild and unspoiled presence of Katahdin.

Snow Falling on Katahdin

Original Watercolor

Private Collection

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