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The Real and the Rare

"In the art world, any artist, anywhere, can still control her own supply and thrive with the help of a handful of caring collectors who value a unique and magical universe". This is a quote from the Painters Keys - a great newsletter written for many years by the great late Canadian artists, Robert Genn. His daughter, Sara, also an artist, is continuing the tradition, and has written this essay that I am pleased to quote to you.

It's a great essay on the value of purchasing original art, versus the marketing of thousands of inexpensive copies. Worth thinking about!

Continuing to quote: "In our archaic world, open to everyone, what can one buy with a grand? It buys authenticity and something made by hand, with provenance, intimacy and a connection to the maker, an investment with infinite future possibilities, standing out in a world full of copies. This item is available at a local business called a gallery, or at an art fair, from an art group or artist’s open studio in any town, anywhere, or on an online collective, a hub like Artsy or SaatchiArt or from the artist directly, on Etsy or Instagram. This art world, now online, stirring already with disruption in the direction of truly empowering artists, invites all to participate in the real and rare".

I do believe the critical phrase here is "the help of a handful of caring collectors who value a unique and magical universe". Those of us who are blessed with an audience of collectors who care for our work, and support our careers can definitely say "amen" to that.

“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only that gives every thing its value.” (Thomas Paine)

Tea and Sushi

World Watercolour Competition

30 x 38" Framed

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