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Keith Spiro, Business Strategist & Community Builder, American Legion Award

I am very happy to spread the very good news that my good friend, Keith Spiro, has been given the Fourth Estate Award for media/newspapers from the American Legion for his support of veterans. Keith, who does business as Keith Spiro Media, is a community builder and business strategist. He gives of his time and talents to many community causes, big and little, because of his desire to help people. Supporting veterans is a very big deal, and it is such a credit to The Cryer, a local monthly paper, that they offer a venue for Keith to write about and share information on the needs of veterans, as well as many other worthy causes. I believe it is unusual for a small, free, paper to receive this kind of recognition. Keith's photographs and insightful stories have gained him the appreciation and friendship of many veterans in Maine, as well as the other groups who support them.Let's hear it for community building!

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