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We're going to be on television!


I was thrilled to have Bill Green of "Bill Green's Maine" visit the Frederic Church camps during my watercolor workshop last week. Those of us in Maine are familiar with Bill's television show which airs on Saturday evenings at 7:00 pm on WLBZ.2 and WCSH.6. It has become the most-watched show in its time period in the state.

Bill travels Maine from the tiniest town on the Canadian border to the southernmost tip of our state, telling the stories of Maine people.

I met Bill last November at the University of Maine in Orono. He was the first featured speaker in a series titled "Framing Maine, Conversations with Storytellers and Image-makers from the Pine Tree State". The University presented one of my Katahdin paintings to Bill that evening, and during dinner, he asked if I was "the artist who teaches painting workshops at the Frederic Church camps". Bill has known of the Woodworth Family Homestead and had wanted to visit for ages. We talked about schedules and he suggested that he come during the workshop. Needless to say, we were all delighted.

Bill was accompanied by his historian/archivist and photographer, and the program will include an informative and entertaining conversation with Jen and Woody, with stories of the history of the camp. It's a very important place in the annuals of American art history, and the Woodworth family have been great stewards of the property for many decades.

I'll be sending a link to the show as soon as we know the date that it will be aired in September. This is a "heads up" so you will be looking for it!

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