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I've illustrated a children's book!

All children dream. Sometimes dreams are scary. Do you remember asking your parents to close the closet door? Look under the bed? Leave a night light on and your bedroom door open? We need comforting words to shoo away the scary thoughts.

You’ve tucked your child into bed, and settle down to read a story.

This poem was “dreamed up” by a Dad and told to his little daughters at bedtime. The words come from a kindly grandmotherly type rabbit, whose name is Mrs. Pippycocky. She’s a no-nonsense type, who spins verse after verse of make-believe scenarios. It’s filled with children, lions and cats, and wild, crazy hats.

There’s a happy scene with a beautiful lady gathering a group of children around her knee. What’s she going to tell them? Look at the children. They are quite an assortment. There’s a girl in her pyjamas with her flute, a boy holding his orange cat. And what is in that bubble over their heads?

The paintings that illustrate the stories are a feast for the eyes. Imagine a child looking at each one. There is so much to see on each page. Children love picking out all of the different things on a page - over and over! See the portrait of the Grandmother Rabbit on the bedroom wall? Look at the lion in his night cap curled up on the child’s bed - a little boy pedaling his tricycle across the face of the moon! And who ever heard of a pig taking a bath? That cat is looking at her as if to say “what in the world are you doing?"

Watch for publication date coming soon! The book will be available to order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as in an e-book.

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