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A Perfect Plein Air Destination in 2019

Evelyn Dunphy & French Escapade Invite you to join us in a Watercolor Workshop in the French Alps

Aug 28-Sept 4, 2019

You can save by signing up early!

"Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames....rumi"

I am delighted to tell you that once again I will be teaching a workshop with Jackie Grandchamps and Valerie Sans of French Escapade. We've gone to spectacular places in the past few years, and our choice for August 24 - September 4th of 2019 is another jewel in our itinerary! I think this would be a workshop that you would love!

It's a small group workshop that guarantees personal attention and a supportive, caring environment in which to focus on your painting.

I can't wait to be here with you! Just think: uninterrupted time to paint, try new things, soak up the scenery, with no responsibilities. You will be looked after from sun up to sun down - lovely accommodations, delicious food (which you do not have to prepare!), beautiful landscapes and sweet towns. And best of all, companions who share your passion, with an instructor who cares only for your success.

If you're never taken a workshop abroad before, and have some concerns about travel, connections and all those things, please just send me an email at or call me at one of the numbers below. Jackie provides the most informative and detailed instructions, and I can definitely reassure you as I have been doing this for many years!

After you have read all about the workshop on the French Escapade website, just send a note to Jackie at and let her that you are coming with us on this trip.

And remember there is a savings for early registration, and then you have lots of time to plan your trip and get the best rates for your airline reservations.

I'm looking forward to this trip, and I hope that you will be able to come with us. In the meantime, happy painting!

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